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We have been doing our best every day, for more than fifteen years, to make every event a unique and unforgettable experience.
Quality raw materials
Attention to details
Customized arrangements
Unique atmosphere
Customers feedback

Since the first meeting they have been very available and attentive to our needs, they have not made us miss anything and indeed they have reassured us on many aspects. 
They also took care of arranging the other vendors for our wedding. They organized us the rehearsal dinner and then they replicated the dishes we had chosen for the number of guests to perfection. A special thank you to the owner of the company who followed us, to the maid who took care of us on our most important day and to the organizer who supported us all the time: a fantastic team that we recommend to all those who want to stay calm and make an excellent figure with their guests.

Silvia C.

"Absolutely better!"

My husband had already attended as an invite to a wedding with them years ago, was so amazed by everything, had decided that he would only want them to the wedding!
In fact it is the best Catering, service, staff and impeccable food, attentive to every detail. We received compliments from all the guests for the quality, abundance and the menu, refined and delicious from the buffet to the cake. Claudio is a guarantee.

Martina D.

In the first organizational phase of the wedding, for me and Luca, the most important thing to think about was to be sure to choose all the right, valid, trustworthy suppliers.
Thanks to a chance meeting with Francesca, we had the chance to have the best for our special day!
We already knew the reputation of this catering but we were still impressed by the passion and attention they put into every single detail. First of all, the staff has always been very kind, nice, definitely professional and super helpful for everything: they came up against us in everything and for everything, they helped us to find the perfect location, under our request they were able to advise us even suppliers at their height (for example, the open bar, the dj, etc.) and they gave us a great help in general throughout the organization, always thanks to their experience in the field!!! The guests were all super enthusiastic: the food, the equipment and the service, which were impeccable!! We could not be happier with the choice we made and without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend this catering for a great success, of any event!!
There would still be things to say but let’s summarize it all with a thank you again from the heart, and “try to believe”!!

Anna V.

Just perfect!
You made our wedding a fairy tale!

Camilla M.

Excellent catering in everything: from the quality of the raw materials to the attention to detail to the professionalism and friendliness of the waiters. We chose this catering for our wedding and I would pick it up a thousand times: all the guests were very satisfied especially with the aperitif, which offers a variety and selection of miniature dishes, snacks and finger food as well as fried, sliced cold cuts and other truly incomparable specialties! Good boys, keep it up!

Silvia T.

We got married last July 16, 2022 in our private home. We chose the crème because it immediately gave us a feeling of reliability and seriousness.
During the preparations they were always available to meet our every request and in addition to having advised us carefully they adapted perfectly to the environment and the needs.
They were true professionals and we are extremely pleased to have chosen them.
All the guests were complimented and were delighted with the quality of the service and the dishes that were offered.
We can't help but thank Irene, Mario, Claudio and all the staff for making our wedding a truly unforgettable day. We will recommend it to anyone who asks us for advice

Davide G.

We couldn't have made a better choice for our wedding day. In addition to the goodness and beauty of the dishes that were offered to us, the availability and professionalism of the entire team (especially of Irene and Mario) have immediately conveyed us peace and confidence in the 'great success of our wedding lunch. And we were right.
Communication was always transparent and prompt. They were able to fulfill all our wishes perfectly, and even in times of need they were present and with a professionalism that is not so taken for granted today.
The enthusiasm and passion that everyone puts into their work was also noticed on the wedding day, not only by us, but also by all our guests who appreciate the goodness of the dishes and the attention to detail.
Thank you so much for making the day even more magical for us. It was really nice to meet you.

Benedetta Z.

Exceptional experience at my wedding! 

I cannot help but express my gratitude and satisfaction for the catering service we had at our wedding. It was a magical day made even more memorable thanks to the delicious food and the impeccable service provided by the catering team coordinated by Mario which was amazing.
Our guests have made many compliments for the amazing experience. Thank you very much to the whole team for making our day unforgettable!

Ezio Z.

Evening in the vineyard: what to say ...simplicity always goes hand in hand with elegance if you then add the excellent quality you can get the best. I do not want to overlook the service followed by a great professional: Mario , made the dinner and the evening unforgettable. Thanks to all the staff

Giorgio B.

Highly recommended!  The winning aspect is not only the delicious food (all guests were very satisfied!) but above all the personal side. All that we were lucky enough to know were exceptional for us, starting with Francesca, who from the first email and 'attentive to understand what we wanted and knew to advise us in moments of doubt, to Maximiliano, who on the day of the wedding had the wisdom to bring my husband and me a little 'every aperitif so that we could taste them even in the middle of the feast. Super professional and nice also all other staff.
If there could be more than five stars, we would do it with our eyes closed because they have exceeded our expectations by giving us a perfect day.

Elisa B.

Absolutely fantastic!

From the tasting we knew they would be amazing but at the wedding they exceeded all our expectations! La Crème has orchestrated a masterpiece. All the guests complimented us on the quality of the food and the service which was impeccable.

La Crème has brought excellence, elegance and refinement to the table. Everything was taken care of down to the last detail. The set-up was perfect, too.

All the staff was kind, professional and did not miss anything.

A special thanks to Claudio who followed us with so much passion and prepared us a buffet and a Michelin dinner, and to the headmaster who 'always took care of us and took care of us in our most important day. We could not be happier with the choice we made and we definitely recommend this catering for any event!

Thank you so much for everything guys, you made our wedding unforgettable!

Valentina T.

Fantastic work team, exceptional food and delicious! Highly recommended without a doubt!

Laura N.

I organized a family buffet for a birthday, recommended at best, all exquisite, super cake, all presented in ceramic and very competitive prices. Also recommended for small events.

Roberto M.

We chose the Creme on the occasion of our wedding, which took place on 09/09/2023, practically at first sight!
The focus is on the food, really good quality! The guests were happy from the aperitif to the cake.
La Creme accompanies you step by step in the organization of the day, with valid advice. Advice!

Auda P.

The best we could wish for

.. we did not ask for quotes from any other supplier, we chose them with closed eyes without any doubt because we knew that thanks to them the reception of our wedding would be perfect, impeccable .. and so it turned out! They are true professionals, and deserve more than just 5 stars! We with our guests were open-mouthed, we received and continue to receive so many compliments, I think it is the greatest satisfaction! Too bad to get married only once, if it were for us we would do everything again next Saturday!

Eleonora V.

"A lunch that will stay in the heart"

We trusted them for our marriage, which to say we couldn't find better. Attentive to every little detail, friendly and professional at the same time, always present without being intrusive. The culinary part a triumph of goodness. Of our 130 guests, I couldn't find one who criticized anything. For intolerant and / or allergic people impeccable attention. In short, success is assured with them!

Eleonora Z.

I could give more stars!
My partner and I were there last night to try the menu we picked for the wedding. What can I say ... all superlatives! The quality of the products and the excellent preparation are so great that it is very difficult to make a choice between the different dishes. Very friendly staff and always available for our requests / questions. A big thank you to Irene, who has been carrying me for several months and unfortunately I have to endure until June ;), to Alessandro, our boss service and especially to the owner Claudio Campostrini!

Fabiola M.

We got married on 2/09/2023 we chose this catering right from the first time we exchanged two words. We were followed by Irene (a really great girl who helped us in everything!) and then the wedding day by Mario, responsible, super attentive to everything, friendly with everyone, in short, in good hands!
Fantastic food, all guests super happy! So many varieties of things that no one expected, from aperitif, fruit, snacks, wine, soft drinks, ice cream, cake, and a delicious lunch and dinner, with lots of biss!
They set up everything we wanted, in the smallest detail, from the tablecloth, to the wonderful imperial table, until late in the evening with cutting the cake.
Not to mention the small attentions regarding the sofas, high tables, with all the necessary L !! Magnificent !!


Marta G.

On the day of our wedding everything was impeccable, from the service to the food cared for and presented exactly as when we made the tasting.

The cream banquet consists of a closely connected staff, one of those who put their soul into their work to ensure that the bride and groom have the pleasure of enjoying their party, knowing that everything will be fine because they give the maximum for the good success of the entire event, as if it were their own.
What do you want me to say? We immediately got in line with Irene, who on the long journey of preparing for the wedding, followed us, advised and listened attentively, carefully updated every single one of our decisions to ensure transparency and good success of the event. And then what? At the wedding we were surrounded by our guests cheerful and carefree, because we knew that it was Mario, the maitre, who took care of the success of everything, coordinated the staff and with his sympathy conveyed a great confidence. And then of course the chef Claudio, a kind person, with a big heart, who loves his work and puts great passion and enthusiasm in everything he does.

Thank you all, because we could not have made a better choice! All our guests gave us compliments! Thank you for being impeccable, kind, you were like a family to us!

Anna B.

Since the first meeting they have been very available and attentive to our needs, they have not made us miss anything and indeed they have reassured us on many aspects. They also took care of arranging the other vendors for our wedding. They organized us the rehearsal dinner and then they replicated the dishes we had chosen for the number of guests to perfection. Basically, everything that came out of the kitchen was fantastic. A special thank you to the owner of the company who followed us, to the maid who took care of us on our most important day and to the organizer who supported us all the time, fantastic team that we recommend to all those who want to stay calm and make an excellent figure with their guests.

Luca M.

We just had the rehearsal dinner for our wedding, what an experience! Taste after taste we were more and more convinced and happy of our choice. Excellent food, excellent quality raw materials and dishes presented with elegance and care. 
The reputation of this caterer was very high, but their new garment, called La Crème Banqueting, gives the service a fresher and more refined air. We are very happy that they will accompany us on the most important day, and we look forward to it!

Mario R.

Fabulous banqueting, we were pampered from the first moment we decided them for our wedding. The tasting was magnificent and gave us confirmation of our initial choice. During the party they handled the service excellently, from start to finish. All the guests at the wedding were complimented for the goodness of the dishes and for the super aperitif!


Chiara D.

We got married on 16.09.2023 at Tenuta la Presa and we can highly recommend La Creme! Francesca and Irene have accompanied us professionally throughout all the preparations and supported us in the best possible way. The food on our wedding day was amazing, the service excellent and very friendly. Massimiliano and his team did a great job!

Katharina A.
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